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Dear colleagues,

Thanks to the project 1) that focuses on children attending 1st and 2nd year of primary schools and their teachers, you now have the opportunity to acquire modern educational materials and methodical support in the area of teaching the basics of the English language. To begin with, we would like to stress that this does not constitute the support of teaching English language as an individual subject, rather, this is an introduction of short enjoyable activities into standard tuition of various taught subjects. All outputs of the project together with methodical support make provisions for the specifics of education in Czech schools and for the needs of Czech teachers. Let us briefly introduce to you these project outputs and the already mentioned methodical support.

All outputs created in the scope of this project form a comprehensive collection of methodical materials. During the creation and testing of the materials, the emphasis was on making them interesting for the children and as well as for their teachers, while ensuring easy use.

To the referred-to materials belong the following:

  • Publication for teachers called 'English Time' – contains a brief methodical introduction, and a package of games and activities structured according to topical ranges, which form part of the education in 1st and 2nd year at primary schools
  • Audiovisual activities for children – these are short sequences, where a native speaker speaks directly to the children and encourages them to react verbally and/or non-verbally
  • Interactive games for children – games, where it is possible to play on interactive boards or on a computer; the games react to the player's actions via cartoon animation or verbal reaction (through a native speaker)
  • Audiovisual activity for teachers – praktické ukázky využití her a aktivit v 1. a 2. třídách základních škol vedené jak rodilými mluvčími, tak i českým pedagogem
  • Flashcards – 208 cards of A5 size, which can be used by the teacher as a teaching aid, enabling to achieve educational targets more effectively (cards come always in pairs)
  • Worksheets – some activities have additional copy-friendly worksheets (in total 100 sheets were created, which will be accessible on the educational portal, and which were partly included in this publication)
  • Educational portal www.english-time.eu – assists teachers, alongside the publication, as a source of many other educational and enjoyable activities and games for children; there is also the wordbank and topic related songs. Teachers have the opportunity to exchange their experiences on the portal's discussion forum.

All teachers, teaching children of 1st and 2nd year at primary schools, who take part in this program, as well as every primary school in the Liberec region, will receive the composed materials free of charge. In addition to the participating teachers, every primary school in the Liberec region will, if interested, obtain a password for accessing the educational portal www.english-time.eu.

Part of the project is also education for teachers, which includes:

  • Seminar – introduces to teachers in an enjoyable way the basics of methodology and the composed materials
  • Direct tutorial participation of native speakers – during the course of several lessons, a native speaker demonstrates to teachers the practical implementation of methodology in their classrooms and at the same time motivates the children to communicate in the English language
  • Feedback – this is a personal meeting with a Czech tutor, focusing on implementing the methodology in practice
  • Consultation – is offered in the case of teacher's interest with the participation of a Czech methodologist or a native speaker

The project stems out of the reality of teaching at the junior level, and is therefore designed in a way that also the teachers with a basic knowledge of the English language can take part in this educational program. The aim of this educational program is to motivate children to learn English and to enable the teachers themselves to continue to include English activities during teaching

The educational program for teachers, which will take place during the 2009/2010 school year, is, due to its capacity, limited to a certain number of teachers. The teachers who are interested in participating in the mentioned educational program can enlist on the e-mail address projekt@wattsenglish.com. Prior to teachers enlisting into the project, a short informative meeting can be arranged if requested by the schools' directorate or by teachers. Thanks to the co-financing of the project from the EU funds and from the state budget, all outputs of the project including the educational program are offered to the target groups as well as to the primary schools free of charge.

1) The project is called 'Modern methodical materials and methods of teaching English for years 1 and 2 of primary schools'(Moderní metodické materiály a metody výuky angličtiny pro 1. a 2. třídy základních škol), reg. No. CZ.1.07/1.1.09/01.0057 of the Operational Program of Education for Competitiveness in the Liberec region. This project is co-financed from the European Social Fund and from the state budget of the Czech Republic.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním rozpočtem České republiky.

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