At the following link it is possible to download picture cards (flashcards) that serve as a teaching means enabling the achievement of the educational target more efficiently. Cards are thematically distinguished. The method for using picture cards during the class is described in the publication within the section Activities at this portal where through the use of these cards the amount of possible entertainment and interesting activities is described. In many activities it is suitable to use the cards only in pairs.

Animals (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at animals.

Attached file: Attached file: animals-fleshcards.pdf

Bodyparts (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) with individual body parts.

Attached file: Attached file: bodyparts-fleshcards.pdf

Clothes (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at clothes.

Attached file: Attached file: clothes_fleshcards.pdf

Family (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at the family.

Attached file: Attached file: family-fleshcards.pdf

Food (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at food.

Attached file: Attached file: food-fleshcards.pdf

Jobs (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at different jobs.

Attached file: Attached file: jobs-fleshcards.pdf

School Objects (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at school facilities and equipment.

Attached file: Attached file: schoolobjects-fleshcards.pdf

Seasons (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at seasons.

Attached file: Attached file: seasons-fleshcards.pdf

Toys (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at toys.

Attached file: Attached file: toys_fleshcards.pdf

Transport (picture cards)

Picture cards (flashcards) aimed at transport vehicles.

Attached file: Attached file: transport-fleshcards.pdf

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