Interactive Games

Family Tree

Listen carefully and click on the right family member in the family tree. Pay attention to the time limit.

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Fashion Crazy

The weather has gone crazy. It changes every second and so Steve has to get changed all the time. Maggie will tell you what cloths you should put on Steve. Click on the right cloths.

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Little Thief

Your task is to find out what items are missing on the table. Maggie always takes one item. But which one is it? In the second part of the game, you have to find again the lost items again. Where did Maggie possibly hide them in the room?

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Monster Maker

Create your own monster. Throw a dice and according to the thrown number set the right part (eye, mouth, nose, ear, arm or leg) to the monster’s body. Finally count how many eyes, mouths, noses etc. your monster has.

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The principle of this game is easy – to find two matching pictures (like playing the pairs). Always say what you can see in the picture.

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Perfect Pizza

Listen to what everyone likes to have on the pizza, than click on the right ingredients and prepare pizza for everyone by request.

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Safari Album

Look and listen attentively and gradually take pictures of all the animals on the safari. Attention! You have only three trials on each animal. Successful pictures are filed in the album that will show up after successfully photographing all the animals.

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Stepping Stones

Your task is to take Steve over the river on the right stones. You have to remember the colours of the stone on which Steve has to cross. Be careful! You can’t make a mistake otherwise Steve is going to fall in the river. A dangerous shark roams there and might eat him. Click on the stones according to the instructions. The higher the level, the wider the river.

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The Name Game

Will you help Steve to find his friends? And what are their names? Let’s introduce all of Steve’s friends and find out behind which window is hidden the one Steve is looking for at the moment. But be careful, you might bumb into the monster!

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Toy Detective

It is completely dark in the toy cabinet, you can’t see anything. Use the torch and find a toy according to the instructions that you’ll hear. Attention! The torch will light only for a restricted time, which is gets shorter and shorter. When you need to power it up, click on the coin. For each toy that you find in time, you’ll get a coin.

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Transport Bingo Spin

Twist the coin. When the coin stops, the top points at the method of transport you have to give a correct name to. Look for help under the little stars on the bottom bar. Select them by means of a cursor and click on the right answer. But the time is limited. Keep checking the time bomb in the bottom right corner.

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Who is hiding behind the wall? Is it a fireman, cook or a completely different person? Click on the button STOP and gradually reveal the bricks in the wall. Find out who is hiding behind it. Look for help under the interrogation points on the bottom bar. Select them by means of a cursor and click on the right answer.

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Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním rozpočtem České republiky.

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