(Rýmy a básničky)

Rýmy a říkanky vztahující se ke kapitole 2 MOVING AROUND TOWN

Eco-friendly Bike

I have a bike
I like my bike
It’s the greenest think by far

It’s greener than a plane
It’s greener than a train
It’s greener than any car.

(note green refers to environmentally friendly and not colour in this rhyme)

What Can You Do?

Hello, what’s your name?
Hello, my name’s Jim.
Hello to you, what can you do?
I can swim, swim, swim.

Hello, what’s your name?
Hello, my name’s Guy
Hello to you what can you do?
I can fly, fly, fly.

The Train Is Coming

The train is coming. Can you see?
Let’s jump on, you and me
Come with us but tell your mum
We will have lots of fun!

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Rýmy a básničky

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