05. FOOD
(Rhyme & Poems)

Rhymes and poems related to Chapter 5 FOOD

Soup With Pete

I’m making soup with my friend Pete
With the different things we like to eat
Before we start we’ll make a list
To make sure that nothing is missed

And he said;
I like chicken, ham and cheese
I like olives, mushrooms and peas
But bacon is my favorite food
Can I add more, or is that rude?

Clap Your Hands For Your Friends:

One, two, three – bring me some tea
Four, five, six – stir and mix
Seven, eight – I’m your mate
Nine and ten – start again.

One Potato

One potato, two potatoes,
Three potatoes, four;
Five potatoes, six potatoes,
Seven potatoes more.

One, Two, Three, Four

One, two, three, four,
Mary’s at the cottage door;
Five, six, seven. eight,
Eating cherries off a plate.

Two Big Apples

Two big apples under a tree.
One is for you and one is for me.

Slice, Slice

Slice, slice, the bread looks nice.
Spread, spread – butter on the bread.

Stir the Porridge Round and Round

Stir the porridge round and round,
Stir it in the pot.
Stir the porridge round and round,
Make it nice and hot.

Jelly On the Plate.

Jelly on the plate,
Jelly on the plate.
Wibble, wobble,
Wibble wobble,
Jelly on the plate.

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