(Verbs and Prepositions of Place)

Subject: Physical education
Cross-curricular links: English language, Mathematics
Time: 10 minutes

  • Write down number 1 to 5 below each other on the blackboard. Each number represents an action (next to the number write down the verb and draw a simple picture expressing the meaning of the verb).
  • Make sure the children understand the verbs.
  • Call out the verbs randomly and let the children mime the correct action.

For example:

1 swim;
2 clap your hands;
3 jump;
4 smile;
5 dance;

Variation 1:

This activity may be reversed: you say a verb and the children point to a given number.

Variation 2:

The children may carry out the tasks individually (either a volunteer or the teacher selects a student), in groups, or in pairs where one student names numbers and the rest carry out the task.

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Verbs and Prepositions of Place

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