Introducing through a story
(Introducing New Language (Warm-up Activities))

Activities which introduce new vocabulary, collocations and sentence structures through stories.

Using a Story

  • Prepare a short text the difficulty of which is relevant to the knowledge of your students. You may use a textbook, the Internet, or make up your own.
  • The text should consist largely of the words and phrases children know (both passively and actively). Highlight the new words you want children to learn, and draw pictures describing them (e.g. the new word is a house - draw a house on a sheet of paper). You may also draw/make a copy of a picture that expresses the meaning of the text from the book. The picture needs to be large enough for all children to see it.
  • Once prepared, you may start the activity.
  • While reading (slowly and clearly; dramatise the text to keep children’s attention and curiosity), point at the pictures simultaneously with new words appearing in the text. You may also use a large picture, pointing at its individual moments and features.
  • Read the text several time like that, always emphasising the new words.
  • Then, show individual pictures to children and ask: "What is it?" With your help, children reply: "It’s a house."

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