Subject: Art
Cross-curricular links: English language, Humans and their world
Target language: body, head, legs
Time: 10 minutes
Materials: paper, pencils

  • Each pupil gets a blank sheet of paper.
  • Clearly show them how to fold the paper into three parts: “Fold the paper like this, please.”
  • Unfold the paper and ask the to children draw the head of any animal in the upper third of the paper: “Draw the head of an animal you like“.
  • Show children how to folded the head over before handing their drawing to their neighbour, so that the neighbour can not see it: „Fold the paper and pass it to your left.”
  • Give out the next instructions: “Draw the body of an animal you like here” and show the children that they should draw only the body of an animal in the middle third of the paper.
  • The children fold the paper again and pass to their neighbour as before.
  • Finally they draw the legs: “Draw the legs of an animal you like.” and show the children that they should draw the legs of an animal in the bottom third of the paper.
  • Unfold the paper and look at the pictures that have been created (e.g. there could be a monkey’s head, a crocodile’s body and an elephant’s legs).
  • The children can create strange names for the animals (e.g. with the beginning letters or syllables of the names of the animals in English – monkey, crocodile, elephant becomes a moncrel).

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