(Verbs and Prepositions of Place)

Subject: Physical education
Cross-curricular links: English language, Music
Target language: fly, hop, jump, run, swim, walk
Time: 5 minutes
Materials: remote control

  • ’Control’ the children with a ’magic’ remote control by aiming a standard TV remote at the children (just as if we wanted to turn on the television) and say for example “jump“
  • Sing the song below, (the melody is of your choosing) and at the same time demonstrate the meaning of the words in the song by doing the actions.
  • Get the children involved by saying “Sing and move like me”.
  • In the subsequent verses replace the verb jump with other verbs of movement, e.g. swim, run, fly, walk. Always demonstrate and sing the respective movements.

Teacher and Children:

Jump, jump, jumping
Hop, hop, hop
Ready, ready, ready
Now we stop.


Divide the class up (e.g. boys and girls) and instruct the groups to act out different verbs from each other “Boys, jump. Girls, swim.” Sing the song with each group singing a different verse.

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Verbs and Prepositions of Place

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