(Verbs and Prepositions of Place)

Subject: Physical education
Cross-curricular links: English language
Target language: hop, jump, sit down, stand up, stop, turn left/right, faster, slower
Time: 10 minutes

  • Line the children up behind you, everyone holding onto each other’s waist, so that the teacher is at the front “Line up behind me, please”.
  • Move around like a train giving instructions as to where and at what speed the train should move. You can also add some verbs to make sure the ’crazy train’ lives up to its name. For example you could have everyone on the train jumping quickly by saying ”Let’s go faster and let’s jump.”


Select a child to lead the train and change frequently. Once the children are comfortable doing this, make a couple of trains and let the children move freely around the gym or classroom.

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Verbs and Prepositions of Place

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