LITTLE THIEF (Classroom Game)
(In the Classroom)

Subject: Humans and their world
Cross-curricular links: English language
Target language: pen, pencil, pencil case, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, book
Language structures: It’s a/an (noun), What’s missing? The (noun).
Time: 15 minutes
Materials: real objects, sheet

  • Prior to the lesson prepare a set of objects, which you want the children to practice.
  • Arrange the objects so that the children can see them and ask them to “take a mental photo” of the objects in order to remember them.
  • Cover all the objects with a sheet (blanket, bed sheet or similar) then quickly and secretly take one of the objects away. The children could additionally close their eyes if necessary.
  • Remove the sheet and ask them which object is missing “What’s missing?“ Elicit a few answers before confirming by saying “Yes, the (pen) is missing”.
  • Continue in this way with the remaining objects.

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