Drilling verb forms, word order, and specific words using motor skills
(Drilling (Warm-up Activities))

Drilling activities using motor skills to practise verb forms, word order and specific words.


  • With the children, sit in a circle, either on chairs or on the floor; you may also squat.
  • Select a picture, get up and say what is it, e.g. IT’S A CAT.
  • Then sit down again and ask the student sitting next to you to do the same, name the object in the picture, and sit down.
  • Children thus stand up and sit down one by one, achieving the Mexican wave effect.




  • Name the object in the picture (or a real object you have brought into the classroom): IT’S A CAT.
  • Call out the name of the student to whom you wish to throw the ball: "Jana, catch the ball."
  • Throw the ball to Jana and ask: "What’s this?" Jana must give the correct answer: "This is/It’s a ball."
  • Jana then calls another one of her classmates, throws him/her the ball and asks: "What’s this?"
  • The classmate replies; the activity thus continues until all students take their turn.




Naturally, the name of one student may be called out several times. After a time, it is good to change the picture, so that the children do not get bored.


The sentence may be extended by other elements (attributes: IT’S A RED BALL, adverbs of place: THE RED BALL IS ON THE FLOOR.)


  • With each repetition, change one of the words in the sentence; the core remains. Students then replace, e.g. nouns with pronouns:

    Teacher: „I like pizza.“
    Students: „I like it.“
    Teacher: „I like my sister.“
    Students: „I like her.“


  • Say the last word of a sentence. Students repeat.
  • Add the word before the last word. Students repeat.
  • Continue until the sentence is complete.



For example: (move from top to bottom)

Teacher Children
o’clock o’clock
seven o’clock seven o’clock
at seven o’clock at seven o’clock
get up at seven o’clock get up at seven o’clock
I get up at seven o’clock. I get up at seven o’clock.


  • Ask children in the class to pretend they are either robots or parrots.
  • Show them pictures and have the children repeat exactly what you say, but only if you say the right word.
  • If you say the wrong word, i.e. if you do not name the picture on the card correctly, children must not repeat it; they must stay quiet.


flashcards/real objects


It is possible to have competing teams - e.g. each team gets a number of lives; the team that makes a mistake loses a life.

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