Subject: Humans and their world
Cross-curricular links: English language
Language structures: What’s the weather like? - It’s raining; It’s windy; It’s snowing; It’s sunny
Time: 10 minutes
Materials: DVD player

  • Show the clip for the first time without pauses.
  • While watching the clip for the second time pause the DVD during each type of weather and repeat Steve’s question “What’s the weather like?” and help the children reply “it’s (raining)”.
  • You can ask the children “Do you like rainy/windy/snowy/sunny weather?”
  • In the last scene, when Maggie tricks Steve and tells him it’s raining, when it’s actually sunny, pause the DVD and ask the children, “Is it raining, children?” elicit “No” or “No it isn’t raining”.
  • Repeat the same question when Maggie tells Steve it’s windy and snowing.
  • Ask them what Maggie borrowed from Steve, “What’s Maggie wearing?”
  • Finally, say “goodbye” to Maggie and Steve.

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