Subject: Art
Cross-curricular links: English language, Humans and their world
Target language: What’s the weather like? - It’s raining; It’s windy; It’s snowing; It’s sunny; It’ cloudy.
Time: 10 minutes
Materials: blackboard/flipchart; chalk/felt-tip pen

  • Divide children into two or more groups (depending on number of children in a class).
  • Mark a starting point from which children will head for the blackboard.
  • Tell the children what type of weather they are supposed to draw. Every time one child from each team runs to the board.
  • When the board fills with pictures, children count them.
  • Then, a race may be held. The children follow a teacher’s instruction, erasing pictures from the board.
  • The team that erases the right pictures in the shortest time wins.

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