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Subject: Humans and their world
Cross-curricular links: English language, Mathematics
Target language: arm, ear, eye, leg, mouth, nose; numbers 1-6, It’s got (3) (heads).
Time: 15 minutes
Materials: DVD player

  • In order to get the children listening and arouse curiosity, stop the DVD during the first showing at the point where the earth shakes and Steve asks, “What was that?” Let the children use their imaginations and guess.
  • Put the next pause at the point where we see a large foot. Ask the children again what it is, “What is it?” and let them shout out before modelling and drilling “it’s a (monster’s) foot”.
  • Once Steve is in the safety of the classroom and begins to play the game, let the clip play till the end, encouraging the children to answer Steve’s questions as appropriate.
  • If the children enjoyed the clip watch it a second time and put pauses in each time the dice is rolled to ask: “What number is it?” to elicit “it’s number (3)” and “What’s number (3)?” to elicit “It’s a (nose)/It’s the monster’s (nose)”.
  • Finally say “goodbye” to Steve, Maggie and the monster.

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