Subject: Humans and their world
Cross-curricular links: English language, Humans and the world of work
Time: 10 minutes
Materials: none (flashcards optional)

  • Sit the children in a circle.
  • Stand in the middle of the circle and assign each child a profession “You are a (pilot)”. You might like to give the children a mini picture of their assigned occupation so they can remember it and you can check it.
  • Make sure you have more than one of each occupation.
  • You might also wish to double check that everyone knows which profession they are before you start, e.g. you can say, “Hands up, pilots!”
  • Demonstrate that as soon as you call out “Pilots!” the children who are this profession must change places. If you call out, “Fruit salad!” everyone must change places.
  • Play this several times.
  • When the children are confident with what they are doing call out the professions again, but this time when the children change places sit yourself down in one of their places. One child will still be standing. That child becomes the one who calls out the next profession and the game can begin again.


The activity can be adapted to practise any vocabulary.

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