Drilling (Warm-up Activities)

  • The method of drilling, that is storing new information in memory, may be used for the fixation of any grammar and thematic vocabulary.
  • Picture cards (flashcards) and real objects (realia) represent essential aids for drilling new vocabulary.
  • If at all possible, have children seated in a circle on the floor (they can all see each other and the pictures; also, it is different from sitting on a chair at their desks).

The repetition may be done in various ways and take various forms::

  • the whole class repeats;
  • in groups;
    • divide children according to their sex: girls and boys;
    • according to their physiological characteristics (groups of children with blue eyes/long hair/etc.)
    • according to the colour of their clothes (e.g. a group of red/yellow/blue/etc.)
    • divide them into groups according to the kinds of clothes they are wearing (T-shorts/trousers/hats/etc.)
    • according to geometrical shapes (each group represents a shape, so we can have squares/circles/ovals/rectangles/etc.)
    • divide them into groups of numbers (ones/tens/hundreds/etc.)
    • divide them into groups/teams of animals - exotic (lions/monkeys/elephants/etc.) domestic (hens/sheep/cats/dogs/etc.) forest (deer/hares/butterflies/etc.)
    • groups of fairy tale characters (e.g. wolves and Little Red Riding Hoods/princes and dragons/princesses and witches/etc.)
    • according to professions (teachers/doctors/shop assistants/etc.)
    • divide them into groups according to moods and emotions (e.g. sad and happy students/angry and calm)
    Naturally, this list is not exhaustive. Your fantasy and imagination is unlimited. It is important to change the patterns of dividing into groups, and not get fixed on one, in order to prevent polarization among children.
  • individually;

Drilling techniques have their place in every methodological material created within the project; specifically, in every activity that occurs in the publication, on the audiovisual DVD, and the portal.

A drill either is a stage of an activity/a game or functions as an independent activity. As one of the activity/game stages, it follows immediately after the presentation of new language. Its goal is to store the new words/phrases in the brain as new patterns, as well as practising proper pronunciation (students repeat what they hear) by continuous and loud repetition in a given tempo.

The repetition continues until students' replies are flawless and automatic.

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Drilling verb forms, word order, and specific words using motor skills

Drilling activities using motor skills to practise verb forms, word order and specific words.

Drills using rhythm, music, and movement

Drilling activities using rhythm, music and movement. You may use already existing songs, poems, rhymes, dances or come up with your own.

Drills using voice parameters, facial expressions and gestures

Drilling activities using voice parameters (height, intensity, intonation and resonance), facial expressions and gestures

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